Getting Started

Ok, so you have decided that you want an aquarium in your home or office. Let us try and help you understand the aspects of becoming an aquarium hobbyist.

Aside from purchasing a tank, stand, filter and lighting needs, the most important thing in the aquarium will be water chemistry. Without the proper water chemistry it will be very difficult to create the optimum aquarium environment,

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Strictly Fish Aquarium Service provides quality service on freshwater and saltwater aquariums as well as koi ponds. We provide scheduled service on a weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or as needed basis. Aquarium maintenance is a neccessary requirement for a healthly and beautiful looking aquarium. In addition to maintenance services, Strictly Fish offers custom aquarium design, installations,

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About Us

Welcome to Strictly Fish of Miami

Strictly Fish in Miami is your South Florida Aquarium store and Aquarium Service Company. In 1991, Strictly Fish opened in Miami, Florida. Our knowledge and experience ensures that we can effectively present and intelligently preserve aquatic animals in your home or office. We specialize in custom aquariums, exotic saltwater fish, live corals, ora frags

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